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Nine big advantage

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1.Some people will get used to the sun,we do not recommend,because the natural latex pillows in the daily light will be easy to aging,resulting in surface powder.Latex products must be far away from high temperature and ultraviolet rays,can not be exposed in the sun,can not be dry cleaning or ironing.


2.Do not need to wash:not latex products can not wash,but after the drying process,the general consumer can not dry, But caused by the residual water.Really want to wash,if only a small area only need a wet towel to put in the ventilation Department,a few You can use it later.


3.Sweat:latex pillow itself will evaporate moisture,do not need special drying.


4.Product color:latex pillow in the use of a period of time will be oxidized with air,The color yellow is a normal phenomenon,don't worry;just hand smoke with sweat hands The pillow surface,the block area after a period of time will be yellow is a normal phenomenon.


5.Latex pillow is not easy to be stored in the heavy pressure,is not easy to be stored in the wet space.


6.Latex pillow is not suitable for vacuum storage,if the deposit is found to have adeformation,jitter,and gently pull in the direction of the original,Product can slowly recover.






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